Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome to my blog!

Hi guys! My name is Ciera and I’m eighteen years old. I’m going to be blogging about my two favorite things; books and beauty. I know they’re totally different but that’s the point. I find it boring to blog about the same thing over and over again so I’ll be switching it up. For when I blog books, I’m going to give a brief summary and then I’m going to give my opinion. Although, I’m more of a romantic book kind of person, I’ll be posting about all different kinds of books so anyone can enjoy my blog. I’m not just going to blog about books that I like, but also books that I didn’t like but just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean you won’t either. It’s just to give my opinion and if you want to comment back and give your opinion, then that would be awesome! My main goal for this part of my blog is for people who want to read a book but don’t know whether they’ll like it or not to look on my blog and be able to read my opinion and the summary and decide whether they think the book is a good fit for them or not. If you’re not sure about a book and I didn’t blog about it, feel free to comment and ask me to write about it. I’d be happy to help even if it means I have to read it first! For beauty, I’m going to write about different beauty tips. These beauty tips will be for nails, hair, make-up, and clothes. Some examples would be cute nail and hair ideas, different ways to do make-up so it matches your eye shape and eye color, and all about which clothes are in and out. I’m really open to suggestions like if you want cute hair styles for prom, then comment and I’d be glad to help. I’ll be posting lots of pictures and tutorial videos so you can watch how to do something. This will be the ultimate girl blog but also for those reading lovers like me. I really hope you enjoy my blog!

                                                     Ciera J

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