Friday, February 1, 2013

Combat Boots

Hi everyone! For my first real blog post I'm going to talk about this seasons hottest shoe; combat boots. Everywhere you go these days you see someone wearing combat boots. I'm definitely a combat boot lover. I got my first pair almost two years ago and they're my favorite pair of boots. Combat boots come in all colors and designs. I have a brown pair that go great with browns, whites, and other matching colors. Some even have studs on them which can add extra edge to any outfit. Combat boots look great with jeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses. You can even buy different colored boot cuffs to go with your boots! Here's a picture of combat boots and a boot cuff so you can see what I mean!
They also have boots that fold down. On the fold they have different prints. Mostly you can find a plaid print but they also have others like floral, stripes, etc. It's great because you can wear them rolled down or keep the fold up. Here is a great picture showing what they look like both ways!
Below are websites that have cute affordable combat boots in all designs and colors. Shop away!
And here are some stores you can go to in your local mall!
Charlotte Russe
Forever 21
American Eagle
Thanks for reading! All you book lovers will enjoy my next post!
Love, Ciera <3

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