Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Safe Haven

All anyone has been talking about is Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. Tonight I'm hoping to go see it but for those of you that don't know if you want to see it or not I'm going to give you a little summary on the book! It's about a beautiful girl named Katie who comes to the small North Carolina town of Southport. When she comes to this town, she tries to avoid having any personal ties but as she starts to settle in she lets her guard down with two people; one being her plainspoken single neighbor, Jo, and the other people Alex. Alex is a widowed store owner that has two younger children. As she becomes so attached to Alex and his family she's faced with a choice of living a life of safety or one of riskier rewards. Then what if Jo isn't who she says she is? As Katie falls in love her past comes to haunt her. If you want to know what her past is then you should definitely read the book or see the movie. Everyone I have talked to said that it was an amazing movie and that they recommend seeing it. And people who have read the books say it's amazing. Most of the review comments say it's a book they will never forget. Below is a picture of the book so you can know what it looks like if you are searching for it! Enjoy!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Prom Dresses

I know prom is still two months away but right now is the perfect time to start looking! You need at least two months to look for a dress, get it fitted and altered, find shoes and jewelry, and plan out your makeup and hair. The whole month before prom I will be posting hair, makeup, jewelry, and shoes blogs with lots of pictures and links to videos on tutorials. I figured I would do dresses now so you can find your dress soon and have that stress lifted off your shoulders. Hair and makeup is easy compared to picking out the perfect dress. I’ve found mine and it feels awesome that I don’t have to continue looking. Usually for dances I find my dress last minute so it’s so unlike me to have mine already!
          Now down to business. There are many types of dresses. There are strapless, short, mermaid, high-low, and etc. The best way to find one is to decide what type of dress you want then go from there. That doesn’t mean you only have to look at that kind of dresses. At first I thought I wanted a mermaid dress but then I found a picture of a dress on Instagram so I made my boyfriend Google search the picture and now that’s my dress! Always keep your options open but if you do have a style you definitely want then searching for those kinds of dresses narrows your search a lot and makes it easier on you. One thing I don’t recommend is getting a dress based on a designer. It’s okay if you love a particular designer but if you only look at their dresses then you won’t get to see what other dresses are out there. And if it’s a very popular designer you like then you have a greater chance of someone else having that dress. Sherri Hill is extremely popular and while I did love her dresses, I knew other people would also be looking at her dresses. There’s no worse feeling then walking into prom and seeing someone with your dress on. There are lots of designers out there who make beautiful dresses that are affordable and original. Below is a list of designers that I think make amazing dresses.

Jovani (very popular)
Tony Bowls
Dave & Johnny
Sherri Hill (very popular)
La Femme
Night Moves

         These are just some designers. There are still hundreds of other designers you should check out. The best way to find your dress is to look online and see if any catch your eye. BUT do not order from online. There have been many of times where I found a dress online and when I went to go see it in person it looked completely different. This one time I even ordered one and it came in and was hideous. There has only been one time where I had to order a dress but I had witnesses tell me that it looked like the picture. It’s better to find the dress online then call around to see if anyone has the dress so you can check it out. And if they don’t have your size, oh well. Go see it and make sure it’s what you want then you can order it online in your right size. A lot of places may not let you return so it’s better to go see the dress even if you’re a size 2 and the dress is a 14. is probably the best prom site. It has so many designers to look from and has almost all of their dresses. You can also go on the designer’s website to see all of their dresses in case a website doesn’t have them. Then you can look up dress shops around you and call and see if they have the dress you want. You want to call first. You don’t want to drive all the way to a dress store to find out they don’t have the dress you want. ALWAYS write down the style number. Now with all of these tips you can go and find your perfect dress! Good luck!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Social Media

I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately. I've been searching things like clothes, makeup tutorials, wedding ideas, and tattoos. I think I’ve saved over a hundred things that were interesting to me. In Creating Writing we were told to search Social Media. I searched just plain Social Media, Acceptable Use Policies, and Future of Social Media. I was surprised by how many things popped up and sounded interesting. My favorite thing that I pinned was Social Media’s Growing Impact on Relationships. It mainly talks about how people used to meet their spouses by one on one meeting and now these days there are all these dating websites and even Facebook has become a huge matchmaker. It also talks about how Facebook has become a new way to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend! 21% of people said they would use Facebook to break up with someone. It used to be considered mean to break up with them over text message or over the phone but changing you relationship status to break up with someone just seems harsh. I know I’d be mad if that was the way someone broke up with me. Facebook gives people a way to escape reality. A couple of years ago you’d get made fun of for breaking up with someone over a text and if feels like people get praised for doing it over Facebook. People are too scared to face their real problems and they’d rather embarrass that person than risk an argument about the break up.
Another pin that I liked was Acceptable Use Policies for Kids. It has six rules that kids have to follow if they’re going to be handling technology. A couple examples are “I will always use two hands when carrying my iPad” and “No liquids around my iPad. Ever.” It’s a good idea for kids to write down their rules. Everyone knows how kids are with technology. They just think it’s one of their toys that they can throw around so they need to be taught that technology is very fragile and expensive. Those rules shouldn’t just be followed by kids but also by adults. We can sometimes be careless when it comes to out gadgets.
Everyone these days has a computer, smart phone, or tablet that can access the Internet so it’s not surprise that social media has become a huge part of our lives. Everything that used to happen off the Internet has now become on the Internet. Everyone is starting to get more dependent on technology because phones and computers can now do so many things for them that they don’t need to think. But despite all of this, I still love my iPhone.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Kissed by an Angel

So last night I stayed up all night and finally finished Kissed by an Angel. I read it a couple years ago but I love going back to old books and rereading them. I always forget how the book ends but then as I'm reading I remember little things and try to put it together. Sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm wrong! One think I do know is that Kissed by an Angel is a great book. If you love suspense and romantics then you will love this book. It's about a girl named Ivy Lyons, a strong believer in angels and who is relatively new to school. She has her two best friends Suzanne and Beth and is about to get a new stepbrother Gregory. Gregory isn't happy. He acts like Ivy doesn't exist but it doesn't matter because the schools hottest swimmer knows Ivy exists. Tristan Carruthers noticed Ivy the second he saw her walking through the lunch room. Even though Tristan could get any girl he wants, he knows there's something special about Ivy. Everybody knows about Tristan's interest in Ivy but she just doesn't believe it. Tristan tries everything he can to get her to notice him. He served at her mothers wedding and even took her cat when it needed a home. Finally one day Ivy and her drama class had to do a line will jumping on the diving board of the school's pool. Ivy is terrified of water and can't swim but knew she could do it as long as she prayed to her water angel. After Ivy was done she panicked and almost fell off the board. As she prayed to her water angel, Tristan saved her from falling. Later he offered to give her swimming lessons. Ivy agreed because she knew she had to get away from her fear so after school Tristan would teach Ivy how to swim. One day Tristan walked into the pool area looking for Ivy but couldn't find her anywhere until he looks in the deep end and found her at the bottom of the pool. He instantly jumped in and saved her. When he got to the top he found that Ivy was mad. She told him she had been trying to get a penny and that she wanted to see if she could do it without him. They had a fight and Tristan finally expressed that he really wanted Ivy. The chapter ended with a kiss. The next couple weeks were amazing for them until Gregory's mother was found in her house dead. It was said she committed suicide so Ivy spent a lot of time comforting Gregory. It was weird to Ivy because on the night she killer herself, Ivy had been in her neighborhood that night and saw someone standing in the window of her house. After that night, she and Gregory became friends. A couple weeks later Tristan and Ivy were going out for a romantic dinner and stopped on the side of the road to check something out. When they went back to their car and started driving again, Tristan learned that his breaks weren't working. Ivy was screaming at him to slow down but he just couldn't. They hit a deer and Tristan was pronounced dead. The next couple weeks were horrible for Ivy but she was happy she had her friends Suzanne and Beth, and her brothers Gregory and Phillip to help her but soon Suzanne and Gregory started dating and things became weird. While Ivy and Gregory became close, Suzanne got jealous. After awhile strange things kept happening to Ivy and was constantly put in danger. And while all of this was happening, Tristan had become into an angel. He became an angel because he had some mission he had to do before he was finally gone. He knew his mission involved Ivy and he knew he had to keep her from danger. With the help of his angel friend Lacey, Tristan started his mission in saving Ivy from whatever was dangerous to her. If so far you seem interested then I highly recommend you read this book! I don't want to tell you the ending because it's something you would never have guessed so read the book and find out! You won't regret it.

Combat Boots

Hi everyone! For my first real blog post I'm going to talk about this seasons hottest shoe; combat boots. Everywhere you go these days you see someone wearing combat boots. I'm definitely a combat boot lover. I got my first pair almost two years ago and they're my favorite pair of boots. Combat boots come in all colors and designs. I have a brown pair that go great with browns, whites, and other matching colors. Some even have studs on them which can add extra edge to any outfit. Combat boots look great with jeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses. You can even buy different colored boot cuffs to go with your boots! Here's a picture of combat boots and a boot cuff so you can see what I mean!
They also have boots that fold down. On the fold they have different prints. Mostly you can find a plaid print but they also have others like floral, stripes, etc. It's great because you can wear them rolled down or keep the fold up. Here is a great picture showing what they look like both ways!
Below are websites that have cute affordable combat boots in all designs and colors. Shop away!
And here are some stores you can go to in your local mall!
Charlotte Russe
Forever 21
American Eagle
Thanks for reading! All you book lovers will enjoy my next post!
Love, Ciera <3