Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Safe Haven

All anyone has been talking about is Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. Tonight I'm hoping to go see it but for those of you that don't know if you want to see it or not I'm going to give you a little summary on the book! It's about a beautiful girl named Katie who comes to the small North Carolina town of Southport. When she comes to this town, she tries to avoid having any personal ties but as she starts to settle in she lets her guard down with two people; one being her plainspoken single neighbor, Jo, and the other people Alex. Alex is a widowed store owner that has two younger children. As she becomes so attached to Alex and his family she's faced with a choice of living a life of safety or one of riskier rewards. Then what if Jo isn't who she says she is? As Katie falls in love her past comes to haunt her. If you want to know what her past is then you should definitely read the book or see the movie. Everyone I have talked to said that it was an amazing movie and that they recommend seeing it. And people who have read the books say it's amazing. Most of the review comments say it's a book they will never forget. Below is a picture of the book so you can know what it looks like if you are searching for it! Enjoy!

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