Friday, February 1, 2013

Kissed by an Angel

So last night I stayed up all night and finally finished Kissed by an Angel. I read it a couple years ago but I love going back to old books and rereading them. I always forget how the book ends but then as I'm reading I remember little things and try to put it together. Sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm wrong! One think I do know is that Kissed by an Angel is a great book. If you love suspense and romantics then you will love this book. It's about a girl named Ivy Lyons, a strong believer in angels and who is relatively new to school. She has her two best friends Suzanne and Beth and is about to get a new stepbrother Gregory. Gregory isn't happy. He acts like Ivy doesn't exist but it doesn't matter because the schools hottest swimmer knows Ivy exists. Tristan Carruthers noticed Ivy the second he saw her walking through the lunch room. Even though Tristan could get any girl he wants, he knows there's something special about Ivy. Everybody knows about Tristan's interest in Ivy but she just doesn't believe it. Tristan tries everything he can to get her to notice him. He served at her mothers wedding and even took her cat when it needed a home. Finally one day Ivy and her drama class had to do a line will jumping on the diving board of the school's pool. Ivy is terrified of water and can't swim but knew she could do it as long as she prayed to her water angel. After Ivy was done she panicked and almost fell off the board. As she prayed to her water angel, Tristan saved her from falling. Later he offered to give her swimming lessons. Ivy agreed because she knew she had to get away from her fear so after school Tristan would teach Ivy how to swim. One day Tristan walked into the pool area looking for Ivy but couldn't find her anywhere until he looks in the deep end and found her at the bottom of the pool. He instantly jumped in and saved her. When he got to the top he found that Ivy was mad. She told him she had been trying to get a penny and that she wanted to see if she could do it without him. They had a fight and Tristan finally expressed that he really wanted Ivy. The chapter ended with a kiss. The next couple weeks were amazing for them until Gregory's mother was found in her house dead. It was said she committed suicide so Ivy spent a lot of time comforting Gregory. It was weird to Ivy because on the night she killer herself, Ivy had been in her neighborhood that night and saw someone standing in the window of her house. After that night, she and Gregory became friends. A couple weeks later Tristan and Ivy were going out for a romantic dinner and stopped on the side of the road to check something out. When they went back to their car and started driving again, Tristan learned that his breaks weren't working. Ivy was screaming at him to slow down but he just couldn't. They hit a deer and Tristan was pronounced dead. The next couple weeks were horrible for Ivy but she was happy she had her friends Suzanne and Beth, and her brothers Gregory and Phillip to help her but soon Suzanne and Gregory started dating and things became weird. While Ivy and Gregory became close, Suzanne got jealous. After awhile strange things kept happening to Ivy and was constantly put in danger. And while all of this was happening, Tristan had become into an angel. He became an angel because he had some mission he had to do before he was finally gone. He knew his mission involved Ivy and he knew he had to keep her from danger. With the help of his angel friend Lacey, Tristan started his mission in saving Ivy from whatever was dangerous to her. If so far you seem interested then I highly recommend you read this book! I don't want to tell you the ending because it's something you would never have guessed so read the book and find out! You won't regret it.

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