Thursday, February 7, 2013

Social Media

I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately. I've been searching things like clothes, makeup tutorials, wedding ideas, and tattoos. I think I’ve saved over a hundred things that were interesting to me. In Creating Writing we were told to search Social Media. I searched just plain Social Media, Acceptable Use Policies, and Future of Social Media. I was surprised by how many things popped up and sounded interesting. My favorite thing that I pinned was Social Media’s Growing Impact on Relationships. It mainly talks about how people used to meet their spouses by one on one meeting and now these days there are all these dating websites and even Facebook has become a huge matchmaker. It also talks about how Facebook has become a new way to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend! 21% of people said they would use Facebook to break up with someone. It used to be considered mean to break up with them over text message or over the phone but changing you relationship status to break up with someone just seems harsh. I know I’d be mad if that was the way someone broke up with me. Facebook gives people a way to escape reality. A couple of years ago you’d get made fun of for breaking up with someone over a text and if feels like people get praised for doing it over Facebook. People are too scared to face their real problems and they’d rather embarrass that person than risk an argument about the break up.
Another pin that I liked was Acceptable Use Policies for Kids. It has six rules that kids have to follow if they’re going to be handling technology. A couple examples are “I will always use two hands when carrying my iPad” and “No liquids around my iPad. Ever.” It’s a good idea for kids to write down their rules. Everyone knows how kids are with technology. They just think it’s one of their toys that they can throw around so they need to be taught that technology is very fragile and expensive. Those rules shouldn’t just be followed by kids but also by adults. We can sometimes be careless when it comes to out gadgets.
Everyone these days has a computer, smart phone, or tablet that can access the Internet so it’s not surprise that social media has become a huge part of our lives. Everything that used to happen off the Internet has now become on the Internet. Everyone is starting to get more dependent on technology because phones and computers can now do so many things for them that they don’t need to think. But despite all of this, I still love my iPhone.

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